So, an interesting question was posted on over the weekend. I’m pretty sure I have the perfect answer. 

Lisa Sanchez was looking at new items for the KLAQ vending machine.

She had some good ideas, I especially liked the beer one, but I went and looked today and no such luck.  :(  The machine did get restocked but, none of Lisa’s ideas made it.


There was one item she didn't mention on her list though that may start showing up in (some) vending machines.  Marijuana!!

This could be good and bad around here at The Q.  Morale will go way up.  Activity however, could fall drastically. And let's face it; we're not exactly bundles of energy and effort around here as it is.

I do like the idea of having the cause of, and solution to, the munchies placed conveniently together.  I'm a big fan of one stop shopping!

I think I'll bring this post and Lisa's up at the next staff meeting.  What do you guys think?  You probably have co-workers that take smoke breaks throughout the day right?

What about a "bake break"?



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