El Paso City Council meetings have a reputation for being combative. For instance, when one rep accuses the other of chewing her gum too loudly or touching her in an unwanted manner.

Or of secretly recording her during council meetings.

There is definitely some "Mean Girl" behavior going on here. But, who's a true Plastic? Which Rep is the most "fetch"? Here's our analysis.

Lily Limon

City of El Paso

Representative Lily Limon nudges out Cortney Niland as the meanest girl on Council. She fights primarily with her nemesis (Niland) but has also gotten testy with Mayor Pro Tem Michael Noe and others. Lily is the Queen Bee when it comes to meanness during Council meetings. Therefore, Lily Limon is......

....Regina George! It could have gone Niland but if anyone on City Council keeps a "Burn BooK" it would surely have to be Limon.

Cortney Niland

City of El Paso

Technically, Cortney was there before Limon so that should make HER Regina. But since Lily is already our Regina, that leaves Niland as the Beta Bee. The nemesis who can play the game almost-but-not-quite as mean as the Mistress of Malice. Therefore, Cortney Niland is....

Cady Heron! Cortney didn't go into City Council (North Shore High) to intentionally be a mean girl. But, in the face of meanness incarnate, Cortney/Cady had no choice but to fight fire with fire. Eventually, Cady came to realize just how mean she had become and was horrified. Will Cortney have a similar epiphany and join the math team (quit taking Limon's bait)? Or will she go full Alpha B. and spread the Burn Book around (I dunno...throw one of her noisy Coke cans at Lily's head?)

Emma Acosta

City of El Paso

I don't have anything to back this up but I have the feeling that Emma Acosta might have had the potential to be meaner than she is. But she could never come close to the Queen's meanness so her own mean potential was never realized. I imagine she's constantly in turmoil over how to stay out of Limon's cross-hairs to the point that she's defaulted into the role of Beta B-word. This makes Emma Acosta...

Gretchen Wieners! Maybe someday she'll decide she has to stab Caesar. But until then, Emma Acosta probably spends most of her energies trying to invent a catch-phrase even though we all know that "fetch isn't going to happen".

Claudia Ordaz

City of El Paso

The sweetest and therefore the most vulnerable female City Rep. She's hardly even malicious at all. That means that Claudia Ordaz is...

Karen Smith! She's even kind of a cousin-kisser in that she's engaged to County Commissioner Vince Perez. County Commission is sort of a "cousin" organization to City Council, right? Also, Claudia is the Representative most likely to believe she has psychic powers in the form of "ESPN".

So, there you have it. All four female City Council members accounted for. But, without any more Reps, who is our City Council's Janis Ian?? Seriously, a little help here would be great to make this analysis complete.