I been seeing this video pasted all over Facebook by hundreds, if not thousands, of people, celebrating this amazing story of Mitchell Marcus and the Coronado Thunderbirds. But one guy who doesn't seem to be getting as much attention as I think he should, is the Franklin senior, Jonathon Montañez, who fed Mitchell the ball.

The coach plays a big part in the story, and is featured well in the story, as is Mitchell. But I felt that Jonathon didn't get much notice. Without him calling Mitchell's name and giving him the ball, the shot might never have been made. This is a time of selfishness and superstar mentality, with a lot of kids' role models perpetuating this kind of thinking, and this just makes the moment that much more amazing.

Kudos to you, Jonathon, you did a really awesome thing.

I think this kid should be getting more attention from the media. Colleges better be lining up to give this kid a scholarship, too.

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