His name's Bruce and he's terrified more people than any other fish. Ever. At one point, he even caused a drop in beach-related tourism.

4 mechanical sharks were created for the Jaws movie and they were so troublesome, that director Steven Spielberg sued the manufacturer. (Bruce was named after the lawyer Spielberg hired to sue the "shark-a-teers".)

Most were destroyed during filming, Spielberg himself even once said they were all gone, but one survived. After a short stint as a photo prop at Universal Studios, Bruce "retired" at a California wrecking yard. Aadlen Brothers Auto Wrecking, the final resting spot for many cast-off Universal props, has cared for Bruce all these years. (See his picture here and here.)

Now, they're donating him to the future Academy Museum where he'll be the museum's largest, and probably least troublesome, exhibit.


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