Life is never what you think it is or could be. With a switch of the light our eyes opened to this thing called "life". No directions. Only one way out. Did we ever see what could have been? You can't spit this out!

Nothing in this life comes easy if it did, it would have come with a map planned out for success. Failure is an option but there is a higher road. Gather the things in life that make you, you and hope for the best. I have had opportunities that I should have made better decisions, but who knew? Looking back if I had known the outcome, the equation that makes life worth every breath would have choked me.

The precious time to make life happen start when we're young but who knows. Creating and being who you are, make things life hold valuable stick with you. When the box is open only you know whether it's the right pick, or if more consideration is needed. Choose wisely! That empty space is for you to fill in. So is your life a box of chocolates?