One thing I think we all have in common is the ability to immediately tune out a commercial.  We may need to change our ways folks!

Have you seen those Old Spice ads? They're funny in a cheesy, weird kind of way ... some are even kinda sexy.  Still just a commercial going in one ear and out the other though.  You and I know we don't pay attention to them. Advertisers know we don't pay attention to them. Old Spice knows we don't pay attention to them.  They've finally figured out how to make us pay attention.

A recent Old Spice ad features a scene where a lady jots down a phone number. Two guys, who apparently have even less of a life than I do, called the number and scored Super Bowl tickets!!

The commercials during the big game are usually the most entertaining of the year. Sunday, pay EXTRA special attention.  In case someone else trys something like this!