Buzz Adams may not know how to use modern technology, but he does know his X-Men. In this video, Brandon shows Buzz the one-day-only X-Men lenses that were on Snapchat. It's important to note that Buzz doesn't know which character is coming up. In just a few seconds he has to recognize the character and then improvise a scene about each one based on his Marvel Comics knowledge.

The main problem Buzz seemed to have was the same he seems to have on the show -- brevity. YOU ONLY GET 10 SECONDS, BUZZ! Get to your punchline, already!

The lenses were sponsored by Twentieth Century Fox to promote X-Men: Apocalypse which hits theaters this week. The lenses were only available for a 24-hour window and people were outraged that they weren't able to access their puppy dog and rainbow vomit lenses. Puppies and vomit are back now, thank God.

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