Writing "Wash Me" on someones window could be a life saving tip.

The federal government spent the last few years looking into whether or not some GMC brake lines were defective. The brake lines were fine and it was determined that no recall was necessary, the cars just needed to be washed more regularly. Rust and corrosion were the culprits.

According to NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind:

“While NHTSA can’t order a recall in this case, there is a safety issue that vehicle owners should address,” “Older-model vehicles, often driven in harsh conditions, are subject to corrosion over long periods of time, and we need owners to be vigilant about ensuring they, their passengers, and others on the roads are safe.”

Fortunately, here in the Borderland, we don't get a lot of winter.  Therefore, not a lot of salt and stuff gets put on our roadways but, it does happen.  Wash your vehicle frequently and especially if TXDOT crews have recently salted roadways and bridges.  Be sure you pay close attention to brake lines and everything under your car when cleaning it up.

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