It’s time to vote for El Paso’s most regrettable tattoo. The winner will receive a tattoo removal procedure from Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center of El Paso. Check out the eight battles we have below and cast your vote for the worse tattoo in each set!

Each tattoo battles one other until August 24th at midnight. Then, we’ll narrow the winners for the final rounds. You can vote once per day per IP address. Anyone suspected of cheating may be disqualified. Click here to read the fine print. Most importantly, make sure you read the stories because they’re really good, too!

Anessa Anchondo-Rivera

Anessa said: I got my tattoo as soon as I turned 18 years old. Originally I wanted a tattoo of a bird, but a cousin of mine copied my idea and did it first, so I decided to do something different. When I saw this piece of flash-art, I was drawn to it, because as an 18 year old kid I lacked a developed art palate and thought this shit was cool looking. This tattoo is supposed to be wispy,with an air-like quality to it, instead it came out like piece of crap.

Mariano Jimenez

Mariano said: Well I did it when i get the university, that's the gift of my best friend, but the tattoo artist don't understand the idea of the tat. This eye means another way to see the world because I’m studying medicine, but now I don't know what to do with that, please help me.



Jessica Campos

Jessica said: On my face need to remove never should of gotten it i want to look presentable. I got it to cover ugly birthmark. Please help.
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Samuel Cohrs

Samuel says: I was young and very stupid. I got it when I was 15 years old and I'm now 37 and I despise this tattoo...thought about trying to get a cover up , but I would love to get this thing removed.



Cesar V

Cesar says: Well this is a "clown" tattoo that I got when i was 14 yrs old. I did it to be cool and rebelious. Well it was done by a friend's drunk uncle, in a trailer, with guitar string and a motor off a remote control car!! Thank God I didnt catch an infection or anything more serious. I am now 32 and still can't wear shorts, flipflops/sandals or any short socks because of the shame!! Please help!!!! Please!!! It's hot in El Paso!!!

Miguel Fraire

Miguel says: This tattoo was the biggest mistake I made in my life. It is the date me and my x got engaged. I did it because I wanted to do something nice for her. Not realizing the stupidity I was doing, even though my friends told me not to do it. I broke up with her because she was immature and wanted to run my life. Noooo Thank youuu! It still causes problem with my current girlfriend and it hurts her to see it on my finger. I am getting really tired of wearing band aids or keeping my hand in my pocket.



Landon Williams

Landon says: 17...Drunk...and STUPID!!!. I moved to EP at 13 and grew up in the LV. After years of drug and alcohol problems due to the need to fit in I got this tat because of the crowd I fell in with. The original "artist" passed out after one letter and with liquid confidence I decided to finish it myself on the spot loaded on tequila and rum. This tat has cost me jobs, relationships and even the respect of certain family members. I'm 29 now, clean for 8 years with a fiancé. This tat serves as a constant reminder every time I look at my hands of memories that I wish to never think of again. I desperately want this removed before we get married for the sake of my fiancé, our families, and our future children.


Jessica Snow

Jessica says: I got this fairy when I was 18 years old and not this bad. 2 years ago I decided to add more color and got talked into adding more wings which turned it into a dark blob and disproportionate! I hate it now! I don't want a cover up and with all that dark ink there wouldn't be much of an option. HELP!



Christina Melendrez

Christina says, "I was 21 & engaged to my ex husband at the time. I made the mistake of getting a tattoo of his name. But not only did I make that mistake, he talked me into getting it in Chinese letters. For all I know it could mean piglet or something really bad. So for this reason I would like to get this removed. I would like to wear a shirt without always having to cover it up or explaining the error of my ways."

Adrienne Acosta

Adrienne says, “My damn atrocious tattoo is a cover up of a cover up of an ex boyfriend's name who dumped me for his male gym trainer. No joke. I was so desperate to get it covered up as quickly as possible that I allowed my sister's ex boyfriend to 'fix it' free of charge at his shop which happened to be inside his mom's kitchen. That should have been a red flag, but like I said, I was desperate. He covered it up with a 'trendy' skull and cross bones that came out looking like...well s*** but I couldn't be all that upset because I didn't pay a cent for it. It was definitely going to require another cover up. I ended up going to a tattoo shop somewhere on Montana. I went to their shop with full intentions of paying for a quality flower tattoo since I figured that'd be the best way to hide what I already had. He convinced me to cover up the skull with a sparrow instead. I figured he knew what he was doing so I agreed. He talked me into something I didn't want and on top of that, he did a  poor job of it. Oh, I recently had a baby which left three hideous stretch marks on my tattoo so now it looks as if the bird was ran over a few extra times. To make a long story longer, I have been left with a permanent monstrosity of a tattoo on my hip that I have to look at every day."



Jackie Kille

Jackie says, "My boyfriend (at the time) and I headed up to Ruidoso for a romantic weekend paid by me. While we are up there he starts a serious convo saying that he needs to work on himself, he has no friends and prefers it that way and that he can't handle a relationship. WISH HE HAD MENTIONED THAT BEFORE WE DROVE UP THERE. When we got back I dropped him off and decided to go drinking with my buds. Got this great idea to get a freaking tattoo at 6p.m. on a Sunday evening right before the shop was about to close. They were able to get me in for some quick work.. hence my kids birthdays on my wrist with nothing else. I wanted more ink added to my forearms but I got a promotion at work where I would have a lot of interaction with the corporate office and clients....needless to say that went out the window. I need this removed please!!!!!! At the time I HAD the money for it and now I don't have the money to get it removed. I'd like to stay classy and get these bitches removed, lol. HELP...PLEASE.....SOS...POR FAVOR"

Chino Duran

Chino says, “ this tattoo was supposed to be a snake skeleton , I made the mistake of going to a guy tattooing out of his garage and the tattoo came out looking like a centipede then I went to a shop and they were able to cover the centipede up. people are always asking me what my tattoo is its embarrassing hope I win this contest so I can do away with it. thanks."



Anthony Vigil

Anthony says, “ I got this tattoo to help out a friend. He was just starting out, the tattoo looked nothing like the drawing. Worst thing is i thought i was being a good friend and helping out...didn't know i was going to be charged for it($80)! Please help me remove it!! hope he doesnt see this haha. By the way i have no idea what it is suppose to be"

Jason Perez

Jason says, "I was in this place called CRTC when i got this tattoo. the only tattoos i have were all from there. I payed this guy 5 dollars and gave him some clothes to get this. i got this done picked."



Gonzalo Gonzalez

Gonzalo says, “ I only have two tattoos. I got them the same day. One for my son (Angel Wings, with his name). The other a name of an ex at that time. Long story short. She got one too with my name. Mine has the words "true true" meaning our true feelings at that time. The tattoo became "false false" within 6 months after. i heard she covered hers with another name ayear after our relationship. Now years later I still have it on my back. I was meaning to cover it remembering my father. I dont have a grudge and I am now happily married with a a beautiful family upon me. I know that I do not need it on me anymore. Thank you,"

Cosme Delgado

Cosme says, “This tattoo is actually 3 tattoos.  At the very bottom was my ex wifes name, then a cover up with some kind of tribal thing...I think? On top of that was supposed to be an Aztec Eagle.   But the artist machine "over heated" and was not able to finish. Then he moved to Arizona so he didn't finish.   After that that, I went to try and get it removed, but as you can tell that burned my skin and messed me up."