Astronomers are assuring us that a planetary alignment will not trigger a monster earthquake today on the West Coast, or anywhere else.  A video entitled Global Coastal Event has been buzzing around the Internet, warning of a 9.8 magnitude quake that will devastate California today.  Astronomers say it won't.

The Bad Astronomy Blog at Slate says, for one thing, there is no planetary alignment involving Earth today.  And even if there were, other planets are too far away to have any gravitational influence on our planet.  The best chance of an earthquake devastating California is Friday when the action-thriller "San Andreas" opens at movie theaters.

I've been in a couple of earthquake's and it's always been a scary situation. We all know the big one will hit someday but there is no way of knowing for sure when it will hit. If you live in an area at risk for earthquakes, there are things that you can do to reduce the chances that you or other members of your household will be injured. Click [HERE] for safety tips.

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