This may not have anything to do with KLAQ (music-wise) but everyone loves women in lingerie (and ex- bf / gf encounters), especially on national television. Luckily, they didn't edit out the encounter between exes Bella Hadid and The Weeknd.

Most people normally don't encounter their ex on national television, but lucky for us, these two did. There are some people who have a run-in with their ex significant other and don't casually play it off like Bella did. Most people either throw some shade to that person or duck and run. Unfortunately, Bella and The Weeknd himself had to act professional for the audience and the cameras without acting the way non-celebrities (us) would act. If you can't spare four minutes to watch women in lingerie, the encounter begins at 1:11 exactly.

If you don't care for the music or the encounter between two exes, you can still watch just to check out beautiful women in lingerie!