We all buy crap we don't need from time to time right??  What was your most worthless purchase?

I'm not talking about a stuffed dog that sings a funny song or matching T-shirts for you and your honey.

(I'm kinda bad about stuff with the Harley logo on it ... with the exception of an actual Harley - Davidson motorcycle of course!  Sure, I love my Harleys but did the dog really need a Harley collar?  He can't tell whether he's chasing a Harley or a Buell anyway.)

Non-essential, but those things do serve some kind of purpose.  They're just maybe not the BEST use for that money that could have been found.   This post is about the absolutely useless things people buy.   

For me, I'd have to say it was an iguana I bought named Homer. (Yeah, I know.  We live in a desert. A desert FILLED with lizards. I felt .. at the time ... that said desert could use one more.)

Anyway, back to my story ...

I didn't need it; I couldn't handle it much (it was a mean little bastard); and it died of some weird lizard virus 6 or 7 months after I got it.  (I dropped another $50 on the damn aquarium as well.  At least it's a planter now.) 

There's MY story.  What is the dumbest thing you've ever wasted your money on??