Last week, a 20-year-old UNM football player named Deshon Marman was arrested at San Francisco International Airport. He was sagging his pants down around his thighs. US Airways staff told him he couldn't fly like that, the police were called and he was arrested for trespassing. US Air says it's against their dress code...except they don't really have one because they let THIS old perv fly in women's lingerie!


What's the difference? There's that one wasn't compliant when confronted -- always a bad move when federal authorities get involved -- but that one was allowed when he shouldn't have been. (Seriously, you want your kids to see that? Want to sit next to him? Keep it in the bedroom, stud.)

There is also that one is black and one  is white.

Sure, different air crews and different places, but still -- any argument US Air puts out will always be tempered by the fact they let tranny granny fly!