Somebody needs a Facebook intervention. After he gets out of prison.

Last week, 34-year-old Trevor Jones of Cobb County, Georgia broke into a house in Norcross, Georgia, when he saw the woman who lives there head out for a walk.

Trevor pulled his silver Ford Taurus into the driveway, left the engine running, and broke in.  But while he was inside, he paused because he saw a computer and decided to SIGN INTO FACEBOOK! Right there, mid-burglary.

While he was on Facebook, the woman got back from her walk and saw the car in the driveway.  She looked inside and saw that there was a wallet inside so she grabbed that, and the car keys, and went to a neighbor's house.

Turned out Trevor's wallet contained both his driver's license and his parole card.

Anyway, Trevor took off running before the cops got there and broke into another house where -- yep -- he signed back into Facebook!  It appears he took that chance to deactivate his account, since it doesn't show up in any searches.

Somehow, after all that, the police still haven't caught him.  When they do, he's looking at two burglary charges.