Two Catholic churches in El Paso are to be combined into one new church, named after Pope John Paul the 2nd.

The parish of the new church will be made by combining two existing ones, Santa Lucia Catholic Church and San Jose Catholic Church. It will be named after Saint, (and once Pope), John Paul the 2nd.

Santa Lucia Catholic Church, located at 518 Gallagher, was first opened in 1971 but wasn't officially dedicated as a parish until 1978. San Jose Catholic Church, located at 8100 San Jose, was established much farther back and the adobe building itself is over 100 years old.  The merging of the two churches seems to have been sparked by a partial collapse at San Jose.

The official site of St. John Paul II Parish, along with its primary offices and such, will be at the former Santa Lucia Church on Gallagher St.  For more info on these, or any other, Catholic Churches in El Paso, click here.


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