When you think marching bands, you don't normally think metal, but this Pennsylvania high school drumline get their metal on while performing a re-imagined version of Trivium's 'In Waves.'

When the Canon-McMillan High School drumline isn't rocking the standard tunes you hear at football and soccer games, they're jamming out to Trivium. With a ton of different percussive instruments, this massive group plays 'In Waves' with some serious passion. Even the drumline members in the stands turn the steel stairs into a mosh pit while performing the recent Trivium track.

This video was uploaded to YouTube in September 2012, but it just got the attention of Trivium themselves, who shared it with their 1.5 million Facebook fans this week. Fans have been loving the video, as evidenced in the post's comments section.

Check out the Canon-McMillan High School drumlins perform Trivium's 'In Waves' in the video above!