Trivium fans will certainly be able to hear David Draiman’s influence on the band's new album, ‘Vengeance Falls.’  Draiman is best known as the singer of Disturbed and Device, but he stepped into the role of producer for Trivium’s latest release.

We recently caught up with Trivium frontman Matt Heafy and he praised Draiman on all levels. “David was the most hands-on producer we’ve ever had,' says Heafy. "He went head first into every single instrument, meticulously and fantastically.”

Heafy also connected with Draiman on a personal level as a singer. “Vocally, he was a huge asset for me being a vocal coach," Heafy explains. "He didn’t just show me how accentuate certain words or sentences in the music; he showed me proper breath technique, singing technique, where to push from, where not to push from those kinds of things. It was really great to have a vocal coach who’s also the producer.”

Known as an ultimate foodie, Heafy expressed a very memorable part of the whole recording process was  experiencing the awesome food in Austin, Texas, where Draiman's recording studio is located. “I’ll remember all the chicken and waffles that we ate," exclaims Heafy. "We ate a lot of that; it was at least once a week at a place called Bacon in Austin, Texas. It’s a giant waffle with bacon hunks in it of pork belly bacon with a brine fried chicken breast on top. I would do two eggs on top of that with bacon on the side and we did that every single week.”

Heafy continues, “Every time I look back on it, I do think of that first but also all the great times we had like all of us hanging out by the pool or just playing pool or watching TV. We were all having a good time and interacting as this family style unit outside of working together as well.”

Trivium's 'Vengeance Falls' came out on Oct. 15 and just debuted at No. 15 on the Billboard 200 chart and No. 2 on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums tally. Fans can pick up the album at iTunes.

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