I get asked a lot by my straight guy friends, “Where do you meet these girls that are DTF, when your gay?” A few years back El Paso made it on a list of the top 10 cities to meet single women. According to the list El Paso has 20,000 more women than men. To be honest, I can't help that these girls want me. 1. I'm celebrity 2. I'm super friendly and easy to get along with 3. Have you seen me? I'm Cute AF. That's why these girls want my Aztec Warrior in my pants. All kidding aside guys here are some places to find a woman!

Dance- I had an ex boss who was a total MILF. She was single but enjoyed dancing and the biggest things girls like about me is... I like to dance my heart out! Don't be shy bro. All you have to do is just count to 3 and hit the dance floor with a girl or ask her out to dance at least once!

Walk your dog- Just don't be surprised when a woman stops and approaches you to admire your dog- its too easy.

Take a fitness class like kickboxing, yoga or crossfit. Even if you don't find a girl the first day you can be glad you got a work out and in the process you get to know the women since your all doing the same workout and it makes it easier to talk to them over time with no pressure.

Instagram: @tazsangelsbootcamp
Instagram: @tazsangelsbootcamp

Ask around- Most DTF girls I meet are thru my friends. Just drink with them a time or two and after having a few drinks and making small talk you can make the moves on the girl. Make her feel special in that short amount time. Compliment her and tell her she looks good, smells nice and her eyes are beautiful. I don’t know why but woman love when you tell them their eyes are beautiful. Quick word of advice-”Don't have sex if she's too gone.”

P.S. Our sister station KISS FM is having an 80's party this Friday night at the Holiday Inn Airport and I know a lot of cougars that want to go out drink, dance and stay up all night to get lucky! Your welcome in advance and best of luck to you! Oh wrap it up too because you don't want to have an unexpected kid like me.

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