It seems like the entire world is on Facebook these days, and everyone uses it in their own way. Some people use it in very annoying ways though. Here are some of the most annoying things to me that people do on their Facebook.


  • 1

    #Hashtag Everything and Ridiculous Hashtags

    #WhatTheHeck #IDontGetIt #ItsAnnoyingToLookAt #ControlYourself #LimitYourselfToOnlyAFew #AtMost5 #AndEvenThatIsPushingIt

    Hashtags are meant to be used so people can search for similar statuses and pictures. The hastag #ILoveTheWayMyMomMakesHerEnchiladas won't be searched for that often. I can almost promise you that.

  • 2

    Vague Status Updates or Emotion Updates

    Having a bad day? Why not say why. Or, keep it off Facebook. Putting things like "feeling so heartbroken today," "feeling meh," "I just want to cry," or "Why does it always happen to me?" I can tell you why. It's because you don't explain yourself and obviously have the need for attention. Upset? Watch a movie, go for a run, eat fatty foods, or TALK TO A FRIEND. All of these options are good ways to get your feelings out, and not ask for sympathy on Facebook.

  • 3

    Changing Your Profile Picture All The Time

    I only change my profile picture once a month, if that. If you take a new picture of yourself everyday good for you. Save that type of behavior for Instagram.

  • 4

    Updating Your Status All Day Long

    I try to update my status at least once a day, more than that if it is a link, or photo, or something of value to my page. Letting me know you are making dinner, then dinner's ready, then you're doing the dishes, then time for bed? Yeah, I can do without those play by play updates.

  • 5

    Continuous Political Posts

    Okay, we get it. You are a Republican/Democrat/Pro Choice/ Pro Life/ Vegetarian/ Voter/ Anti George Zimmerman or whatever. The constant updates on your stance and angry rants don't make anyone change their opinion and just start arguments online. Which we all know end so well. So just stop. Continue putting up Miley Cyrus memes though they still entertain me.

  • 6

    Putting Up Pictures Of Your Food

    Sometimes, if the food is really delicious or you love that restaurant, go for it! But everyday putting up pictures of your meals you are having, you are not helping my attempt to eat healthy with those delicious meals Super Mario.

  • 7

    Pictures Of Your Children Or Animals

    People are proud of their children and their accomplishments and I can appreciate that. Some people have updates just to show their kids on the first day of school, then during bath time, then eating dinner, then in the car, then...well you get the picture.

    This may be the rule I break the most. We all know I am obsessed with my little tubby. Even with that, my last picture of Tubby I put up was 5 days ago. I try to limit my obsession and when I do want to put up a bunch of pictures, I keep them on my Instagram.

  • 8

    Letting Us Know When You Are Working Out

    I think exercising is very important and I love that people have made it important parts of their lives. However, I don't like learning everyday that you are at the gym, on a run, lifting weights, or angry people are on their phones texting instead of using the machines. I'll let you know a secret: if you have the time to update that status while you are at the gym, you ARE that annoying person hogging the machine instead of using it.

  • 9

    Checking In Everywhere

    Play by play of your day from waking up at home, to school, to work, to a restaurant for dinner, to the bar, then to bed. Now if I want to stalk you, I know exactly where you are at all times. Also, if I want to rob you I know where you are and I know it's not at home. Your flat screen is about to go missing.

  • 10

    Sharing Stories Without Checking Their Validity First

    I know you see some really interesting stories on Facebook sometimes, but always check to make sure the story is real or not taken out of context. Calling the media out saying they are not giving enough attention to this white guy who was murdered and calling it a hate crime? No it was a robbery, race had nothing to do with it. ALWAYS check the story through first.