It could happen ... we may even pay you to do it!!

First, check out what this lunatic has done to his kit. There's an F-bomb or 2 in this .. language probably NSFW!

Now, here's how you can ride it just like the guy in that video did!  First, sign up at for a chance to see Crue live in Vegas!! 

We'll cover your airfare, 2 nights at The Hard Rock Hotel And Casino, arrange a meeting with you and The Crue, throw in an autographed guitar and $1,000!!  Use that for souveniers, beer, a tattoo, bail, a wedding you aren't currently planning ... whatever!!!!!!!

THEN, if you're reaaaaaallllly lucky ... odds seem a little better if you're a hot chick ... you could be drafted from the audience to go for a "spin" with Tommy!!

Want another look?  Check out this video of a girl named Ashley doing it ... so to speak .. in Minnesota!  They pull her out of the crowd at about the 5 minute mark! (Careful, some of the language is NSFW!!!)

Sign up now at!  Remember though, if you win you're partying with Motley Freakin' Crue!!!!!!!  Be sure and hold on to your camera so you can piece together what all happened when you get back!! ;)