So, the Internet says there is going to be a severe shortage of Buffalo Wings for the Superbowl. Now, I've learned never to doubt the Internet, but it took a helpful listener to explain why there was a shortage....

But, that didn't answer my other vexing concern.  Are Buffalo Wings made from the tiny little wings and drumsticks of innocent little baby chickens? It took another helpful listener, this one via e-mail, to explain to me that I'm retarded...

Are you serious.  You should know this buzz, you are a very smart guy.  There are leg drumsticks and there are wing drumsticks.  That’s why the wing drumsticks are smaller.  They come from the “arms” instead of the leg.


    Thank you, Alex, for giving me the benefit of the doubt but that is exactly what I thought Buffalo Wings were!  I mean, I know an adult chicken drumstick is what you get from KFC. It made sense to me that the tiny little drumsticks in an order of wings came from a comparably smaller chicken.

        I know now that Buffalo Wings are made from different portions of an adult chicken wings. I now know how Fernie feels every minute of his life.

       Also, it makes sense now that you get an order of "wings" and not an order of "wings and tiny little infant legs". Happy Superbowl, everybody!




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