It's always good to know that even after all the fame and success, Sir Paul is still a 'regular' guy!!

Monday night, Paul McCartney attended the Brooklyn Nets vs. Philadelphia 76ers game at Barclays Center and the one thing that got his attention was the free t-shirts that were being given at the game. Apparently, he really-really wanted one.

Check out the video below ... you can see his emotion like a kid in a candy store that you just told them they can buy anything they want. His eyes light up, a joy that cannot be faked ... and then, he doesn't get it.



Paul McCartney, known for his amazing success with The Beatles, Wings and solo career, 32 Billboard Hot 100 hits, 60 Gold Records and named by the Guinness World Record the most successful composer and recording artist in history in the end is a regular guy. I've heard lots of stories and read lots of books (c'mon, Dubba G is a Beatles freak and to top it off, so was my Dad!!) he is definitely one of the greatest musicians in history. He cares about others and is always attentive to his fellow friends, stage crew and family.

Sir Paul you are the man!!!