We're about a week away from kicking off SXSW 2012!!

South by Southwest is a MONSTER music festival held every year in Austin.  (Which may well be the coolest city in Texas I must say ... after us of course!!)    :)

It's a week-long event featuring conferences, seminars, film festivals and LOTS of bands!

Buzz Adams and the <a href="http://klaq.com/category/morning-show/" target="_blank">KLAQ Morning Show</a> will be broadcasting live from SXSW (as they have every year for a while now!) and you never know who may show up during the show! Musicians, actors, writers ... anyone and everyone!

If you're interested in a helluva party; start planning your trip! It starts in about a week and runs for a week.  (The last few days of the event are the best though!!)

Find out more about SXSW on <a href="http://sounddiscovery.msn.com/sxsw.aspx" target="_blank">Sound Discovery's website.</a>

It's a BLAST!!

That link ... SXSW2012 ... will also fill you in on (some of) the bands that will be at SXSW this year.  Keep in mind, the bands listed in that link are the 'official' scheduled bands .... there is a lot more going on in and around the festival!!

If you can't go; then be sure you listen to Buzz Adams and <a href="http://klaq.com/category/morning-show/" target="_blank">The KLAQ Morning Show! </a> Be a part of South By Southwest vicariously with them the 15th and 16th of March on KLAQ!

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