A Perfect Circle hauled 6 trailers to bring El Paso the perfect show! Their VIP backstage tour was amazing and even gave a wine tasting for those of you who went.

But tonight you will be able to hear some of the finest music from these guys that has been long awaited. Billy Howerdel stated that it takes a lot of work for what you see and hear at the show. These are the top 3 songs I hope to hear A Perfect Circle play tonight at the Don Haskins Center. These three a lot of us enjoy hearing and singing our hearts out to. I went with two older songs and of course the new one you've been hearing on Klaq lately. The three I decided to pick are "3 Libras" then "By and Down" and the latest "The Doomed." Billy mentioned their new album was inspired by real life moments that make you who you are.

Hopefully tonight we can hear these 3 songs on their set playlist at the concert!