Heavy Metal is hands down, absolutely, posi--effing--tively my favorite form of music!  Ever thought about who "invented" it?

Ok, "invented" may not be the right way to phrase that but it had to start somewhere.  Who would you say was "that guy". (or those guys ... whichever.)

An article I found at ultimateclassicrock.com lists bands like Iron Maiden, Sabbath, Ozzy and Judas Priest among those that shaped Metal.  Incredible bands for sure, but I would have to say metal was already pretty well "shaped" by the time those bands showed up.

We'll never have an answer as to who invented metal, but I think the pioneers of the genre go farther back than the bands listed above.  I'll leave Sabbath there but would also give a lot of credit to (among others!) Blue Cheer, Bloodrock, Budgie, hell The Beatles helped with the blueprint!  Listen to Revolution, Helter Skelter or Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey (just to name a couple) if you don't believe me!

Who do YOU think were the first of the Metal Gods?   Where do You think the future of metal lies?

Killswitch Engage? In This Moment? Five Finger Death Punch? Volbeat? Nickelback?  Sorry, I had to throw in that last one. ;)

Seriously though- what do you think?

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