There has long been a stigma against the white rapper.

The Tumblr blog “White People Rapping Poorly” certainly isn’t going to make things any better for Caucasians who take the mic.

Here are some of the best (worst) videos of painfully white people butchering the genre.

He raps about tennis, which seems appropriate.

An Internet classic, we can't understand why this guy never got a record contract.

If you think white people from America can’t rap, you should check out what happens when Europeans, the original white people, try to tackle the musical genre.

Skip to 1:20 to experience this most scientific of raps.

Community members lobby for a prison in their town ... through bad rap!

A lot of rappers write about drugs, guns and the street. This guy raps about TurboTax.

We can only hope that this New England Patriots fan is really drunk.