Earlier on the Buzz Adams Morning Show we were talking about weird co-workers. For some reason I could not think about any weird behavior from a past co-worker. That is, until Buzz reminded me that I worked with DJ Khaled. A guy who pees at the urinal with his pants around his ankles.

This of course jarred my memory about the time I witnessed someone crap their pants in the bathroom. Not sure if it was a co-worker because all I saw was the person's shoes. But regardless, it was damn funny.

So of course this lead straight to a whole lot of bathroom talk. So be warned, lots of poo and fart jokes in this After Buzz. But even though we talk a lot about that, for some reason mentioning the call we got during the show about a guy whose co-worker used to eat his own blackheads is what really, really grossed Scott out.

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