A San Antonio mother is upset after her daughter's dress was deemed against the school dress code, even though she saw a male student with shorter shorts.

Tom C. Clark High School in San Antonio, Texas is in the news after a student's mother posted online a rant about her daughter being told her seemingly modest dress was too short. Sophia Abuabara's dress was a striped 3/4 sleeve dress that ended just above her knees. The vice principal of the school told Sophia after lunch that her dress was too short and that she would need to change.

Sophia then called her mother Rosey to come and bring her a change of clothes. Her mother on the other hand, felt it was more important that her daughter be focusing on studying for her three exams she had that day, instead of worrying about what she was wearing and told the school this. Later in the day, the school principal sat down with the student and they talked about her dress. Her mother Rosey also sat down with the principal, although their conversation was less amicable. At the end of the conversation, Rosey told the principal "You know what, you might as well escort me off campus. I’m not ready to leave, and you’re telling me to leave — so just escort me off."

While leaving the school, the mother said she saw a male student with shorts that were shorter than her daughter's dress. She posted the side-by-side photo of her daughter's dress and the boy's shorts and discussed how upset she was about the whole ordeal:

Wow. My daughter got #dresscoded for this dress. They said it was too short. Yet, boys can dress like this?? She had 3 exams that afternoon, including Physics AP, Latin 3, and APUSH. But her skirt length....

The photo has gotten hundreds of comments both supporting the mother and the school. The mother also said that she will be meeting with ACLU to see where she should proceed with this. School officials told Yahoo Style that "campus administrators met with the student’s parent to discuss their concerns and will remain available to meet and discuss their concerns further." Read more about this story at the Daily Mail.

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