Growing up we all at some point enjoyed playing with action figures. Some adults still enjoy purchasing action figures to this day. Now, normally it is usually celebrities that can be turned into an action figure.

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Sometimes the action figure can resemble the actor or actress. While other action figures don't really resemble the person at all. Well, now you don't have to wait for stardom to hit to have an action figure made of you.

What is cool about this is if you have ever wondered what you would look like as an action figure, nows your chance. Besides wouldn't it be cool to see your kids playing with a toy action figure of you? Or instead, if you're a collector this would be a cool add-on to your action figure collection. Even better, have the whole family done which I'm sure they'll love.

Someone you may know and follow, Annie's Adventures, well she recently received her very own action figure. She now can literally say she has a mini-me. Her personal action figure matches her style from head to toe. Annie's action figure matches how she dresses sometimes to her shoes, sunglasses, and jewelry.

Charlie Perez is the creative man behind it all at Charlies Custom Toys and Pulp Art. In fact, he can recreate any scene from any movie wearing any costume, according to Annie. This Texas man has magical hands like Gepetto in Pinocchio.

Annie's Adventures definitely approves and frankly, so do I. The skills behind this kind of talent require a lot of patience. It takes Charlie Perez from 2 days to a week to complete one action figure. If you ever need a gnarly idea for a gift, consider this.

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