A father in Texas shot a peeping tom to protect his young daughter and his wife.


A suspect is in critical condition after he was caught peeping into a young girl's window. The incident occurred in Harris County around 2 a.m. on June 27th, according to ABC 13 News. The 10-year-old girl woke up to see the man looking into her window and started screaming which woke her parents. The mother and father ran into her room and saw the man exposing and touching himself outside the window.

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The couple went outside armed with handguns and confronted the man and attempted to detain him. Both parents are licensed handgun owners according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office. When confronted by the parents he apologized and said he wouldn't peek into the little girl's window again. The couple told the man to lie down so they could detain him but he walked across the street to a gas station.

The suspect was able to wrestle the wife's handgun from her and pointed the weapon at the woman. The husband told ABC 13 News he feared for his wife's life and shot the suspect four times. The suspect was transported to the hospital where he's currently in critical but stable condition.

This may not be the first time this man has peeked inside the young girl's window. According to her father, his daughter had complained in the past about seeing someone hanging outside of her window.

See more about this story in the video below.

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