The following comes from someone over on Reddit. Not me! Again, this came from a user on Reddit.

I just had this experience and I'd be selfish if I didn't share it with my fellow citizens. If you are pro 420 you'll like this if not this will be of no interest to you.

A law was updated recently. Starting July 1, New Mexico will extend reciprocity to all other medical cannabis states. New regulations, issued under Senate Bill 139, will allow visiting medical marijuana patients to use their home-state credentials to purchase at licensed New Mexico medical marijuana dispensaries.

All of this took me less than 20 mins. One is able to get a doctor's recommendation for marijuana from California immediately . Just google MMJ card and there'll be several websites that charge you $39 for it. I logged in and a doctor called me in less than a minute after making my account . He asked me if I had nausea and insomnia since it's what I stated I had in my application and he approved me. The entire conversation lasted 20 seconds. I was emailed my doctor's recommendation, printed it and took it to the dispensary that is 5 mins away from Sunland Park Mall. I brought in that piece of paper, my id and I was able to access. Everyone working there was friendly and I was able to buy $8 a gram high grade herb and not pay tax on it since it's medicinal. I want to make clear that I have a Texas Driver License and was able to get a California doctor's recommendation immediately. I was mistakenly under the impression one had to be a CA resident to get a card.

It is still illegal in Texas but a law passed recently that states the El Paso City Council approved a measure on Tuesday that encourages police to issue citations for low-level marijuana cases instead of making arrests.

The cite-and-release proposal passed in a 7-0 vote, with one abstention. It directs the city manager to implement the policy change so that people who commit a Class A or B misdemeanor cannabis possession offense are not immediately sent to jail to be processed.

So sadly, I will make the queues at this place longer but after sharing with my friends I thought it would be too selfish to not share with the internet anonymously.

So basically, what this person is saying is that even if you have a Texas ID, you can get a prescription for medical marijuana from California, and get that prescription filled in New Mexico. The New Mexico part of it is legit. You can see the full bill by CLICKING HERE.

Of course, this seems like a lot of steps to go through considering you can live in Texas and just drive over to New Mexico to get the card. The state of New Mexico has made it so you don't have to be a resident to get a medical marjiuana card. You can just head over and get it. All you have to do is see a practitioner in New Mexico and have one of the 28 qualifying conditions.


We spoke with Colt DeMorris, director of NORML, on the air and he said it's not that easy anymore. You can't go over to New Mexico and get a card prescribed. But, you can do what the person on Reddit said. Colt mentioned going to to get the doctor recommendation. Once you go through the steps, you can go get it filled in New Mexico.

The big thing to remember is that it is still technically illegal to possess marijuana in the state of Texas and in the city of El Paso. But, remember this...

First, the city of El Paso did pass the 'cite and release' policy.

And second, since help and CBD products are now legal, it's almost impossible to law enforcement to tell what is legal and what isn't.

But weed is still technically illegal.

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