I know, around here there's sort of always a tequila fest going on. Peeps on both sides of the border love that stuff but, this one's BIG.

Sept. 10-12, the 18th annual Festival del Tequila y del Mariachi happens in Juárez. It takes place at the big "X" monument just off the border highway. The "X," I just found out, is known as the Plaza de la Mexicanadad. An article in the EP Times says the event features around 40 tequila producers from the state of Jalisco, food from 20 area Mexican restaurants, live music and a tequila tasting.

I've had a lot of fun in Juarez in the past but, I'll admit, I'm still a little reluctant to party over there like I used to. As are many others but, this could certainly be the thing that changes that!