Most high schools ban typical things like gang related clothing, weapons or unnatural colored hair but these are just weird. Even the reasons for banning things like lip balm, yoga pants and cake are even weirder. I think if El Paso schools tried taking hot cheetos away, heads would roll!


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    Hot Cheetos

    These deliciously hot cheese covered devils have been banned in some schools in California for being unhealthy. People believe all the chemicals and food coloring that goes into making these addictive treats will harm young kids. Seriously, mostly everything we eat is bad for our health but so good!
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    I Heart Boobies Bracelets

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so you usually see stores start selling bracelets that pledge their love for boobies. The proceeds to these bracelets go to foundations and are pretty freaking cute. Some high school principals don't think the campaign is funny so they have banned them but principals really just don't have souls.
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    Schools in Denver banned flags when the immigration debate was getting controversial. They thought this ban would help avoid fights over emotional reactions people had when seeing certain flags. This is "Merica!
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    Erectile Dysfunction Prescriptions

    School boards in Milwaukee have blocked erectile dysfunction drugs from their teacher's health insurance. If we learned anything from Breaking Bad, frustrated teachers might be making viagra soon.
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    Yoga Pants

    Minnesota high schools have banned yoga pants because they believed they were too revealing. After realizing they crushed every high school boys soul, they did allow girls to wear yoga pants but only if they wore shirts long enough to cover their hineys.
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    Homemade Cakes

    I remember the days when everyone's parents would bring a cake or cupcakes to the classrooms and we would have a party instead of learning math. A school in England didn't ban cakes because it distracted kids but because their parents didn't have a food-hygiene certificate. Instead of ruining birthdays let them eat cake!
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    Baby Bump Pictures in Yearbooks

    A school in Michigan has banned baby bump photos in their yearbook. Pregnancy happens people, they can't really hide that massive belly. At least they aren't trying to put sonogram pictures on their dedication page.
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    Lip Balm

    An entire school district banned lip balm after their school board believed it contributed to the spread of diseases. Kids weren't getting diseased from lip balm, they were getting diseases from where they put their mouths.
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    Birthday Invitations

    People are getting way more sensitive these days and St. Mary's County Public School is the perfect example. They have banned students from handing out birthday invitations because they don't want the student who didn't get invited to feel bad. Students are going to be rejected all of their lives, might as well start early!
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    Some strict schools have banned hugging because they believe it leads to sex. Tennessee schools even had pro-abstinence sex education classes that are drilling this idea in kids heads and hope it will help lower pregnancy rates. Sex is candy for kids now. Good Luck with that.