With all the COVID 19 updates and Amber alerts we've been bombarded with lately, let's take a look back at some old school PSA's.

Before social media platforms, cell phones and digital highway signs came along, Public Service Announcements were THE way to get an important message across. Several rock stars did them, voluntarily or otherwise, and I found a few for you to enjoy/laugh at. My favorite is the Iron Maiden one up above featuring vocalist Bruce Dickinson and two crash test dummies. (The actual dummies, not the band.)

Here are a few more:

Vince Neil wanted you to vote.

Gene Simmons said no to drugs. (Now that there's an opportunity to further pimp out the KISS name selling legal marijuana though, I bet he'll soon change his tune.)

Finally, Geddy Lee wanted you to be safe while tobogganing. I swear, I'm really not sure whether this was a comedy skit or a genuine PSA. (I mean, it is Canada...)


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