The Worst El Paso Storms In Recent Memory – Our Top Five
Snowmageddon, Flood 2006, Hailstorm 2009…People love to name these crazy catastrophies and make them as dramatic-sounding as they were to experience. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's just overdone, but El Paso has had it's share of crazy catastrophic weather over the years. With the wind getting crazy again, and the expected snow this weekend, people are probably looking warily around for another big event.
Massive Earthquake, Tsunami Strike Japan; Effects Expected Around the Globe
Hundreds have been found or are presumed dead after a massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami tore through Japan's northeast coast. Some are already declaring the 8.9 magnitude quake the largest ever recorded and after-effects are expected to hit the west coast of the US, the Phillippines, Indonesia and other vulnerable spots. The Internet has sped into action, using Twitter to report updates and G