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Drowning Pool Rocks El Chuco Town Once Again [PHOTOS]
Holiday weekends are always great, but when there are concerts involved, they get even better!
Last night Drowning Pool rocked El Paso once again -- rain and all, at the Socorro Water Park. But first Shoot to Thrill an AC/DC Tribute took the stage and killed it with members Perry Wright (vocals)…
Rock and Roll Hall of SHAME! You Screwed up Again! [Opinion]
Does anyone care ? Does it matter ? Is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame(Shame) not listening to its audience?
I'm a music lover,everything from Pop,Rap,Latin ,Salsa,Blues and YES ROCK! But when a so call organization snuffs some of the most influential bands in music , I begin to wonder.
Car Runs On Whiskey?
Now, Drinking and Driving will not and should not be tolerated, But I think I found a guy I have a man crush on.  The only problem is it's way more expensive then $3.80 per gallon. Whiskey rock and roll.