Several Austin Businesses Display 'Whites Only' Stickers
Austin Mayor Steve Adler posted on Facebook:

This is an appalling and offensive display of ignorance in our city. Austin condemns this type of hurtful behavior. Our city is a place where respect for all people is a part of our spirit and soul. We will keep it that way.”
Prank Video Shows You How To Compliment Women's Boobs
Men sometimes make it obviously that they are checking out a woman's breast. Most women will end up slapping the guy if they walk up to them and say, " That's a nice pair of jugs!" These pranksters have found away to say things like this, in public, and get away with it.
How to Pick Up Chicks
Sometimes girls throw some serious shade and lies at guys to get them to go away, which is exactly what this Rutgers student did to try to avoid being hit on.
"That seat is about to be occupied." Lie.
"Oh, my boyfriend is coming." Lie...

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