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UTEP Signs Entire Penn State Football Roster!
This is exciting news for all Miners fans! It appears that every singles Penn State scholarship football players has decided to transfer to UTEP....Jump to the next page to read the press release from the UTEP Athletic offices.
Should Penn State Tear Down Joe Paterno’s Statue? [POLL]
There has been a lot of response to the column about Joe Paterno, especially as it regards the picture of his statue below. Penn State says there's no way that statue is coming down despite intense criticism.
I think they ought to bring the thing down, too. It's because of the words next to the statu…
Say It Ain’t So, Joe Pa!
The report about the Penn State scandal is now out and it says nothing good if you are a Penn State fan or were hoping to see the late Joe Paterno vindicated.   In short, it says Coach Paterno was aware of the accusations, including the D.A.'s investigation in 1998, and did nothing ab…