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[VIDEO] Check Out Larry Federoff, Trick-Shot Longsnapper
No, despite "Longsnapper" in the title, there is nothing pornographic forthcoming. Just good, wholesome college jock fun. If you're not 6-5, 350 pounds and run a 4.5 40, there is a way you can assure yourself of a job in the NFL. Show your skills as a deep snapper.
Tom Brady at Carnival 2011. Dork-knobs & Dance Pics
Gisele Bundchen has raped Tom Brady with fashion. She is totally emasculating him. Look at this video of Brady down in Bundchen's native Brazil for Carnival talking about how great everything is then giving the swishiest samba of any man who purports to be heterosexual ever.
Remember Texas vs. The Nation?
"...If Hansmire thought this game could play in Texas cities east of here -- heck, if he thought it could ever out-grow El Paso -- all he has to do is look at those Alamodome snapshots..."
GOOOOAAAALLLLL! NFL Would Score With Soccer Crossovers
I would buy one of these shirts. Maybe downtown when it gets ripped off in a Mexican sweatshop, but I would buy one of these shirts.

Problem is, right now they're not real. They're a product of the imagination of a design student named Jimmy Nutini, who would probably be sued into homelessn…
Big Ben’s OK — It’s Rum and DIET Coke!
Big Ben says he's a changed man since his four-game suspension after an alleged sexual assault of a 20-year-old Georgia coed for which he was never charged. And, sure he's changed since that night...his CLOTHES! Though karaokeing in a bar is no big deal, the alcohol is troubling (although it's nice …