Do You Think It’s Safe to Go Back to Cd. Juarez? [POLL]
There is a new study we've been talking about on the Morning Show showing that, though the drug violence is nowhere near where it was two years ago, residents of Cd. Juárez still don't feel safe. So here's a question for those of us north of the border: Is it safe -- …
Who’s Gonna Win The Super Bowl? [Poll]
This Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers are going to take on the Baltimore Ravens in Super XVLII in New Orleans, who do you think is going to win?
Is it going to be the Ravens who are led by Ray Lewis, and is playing his last game.
Should You Vote? We Want Your Vote! [POLL]
Buzz went off again today on just how much your vote doesn't count, especially in the national elections. Not only does he believe it's useless, he's kind of like an anti-Uncle Sam -- he DOESN'T want you, especially if it took a Hip-Hop star to get you to the polls.
Is Buzz full o…