UTEP's New Methods, Grit Downs Old Dominion
Sean Kugler was as good as his word. After getting thrashed, 55-3, at Louisiana Tech, the Miners head coach promised changes in lineups and procedures. There were, and UTEP beat Old Dominion in its centennial homecoming game, 42-35.
Kugler Looks In Mirror After Bulldogs' Blowout
What Louisiana Tech did to the UTEP Miners Saturday looked worse than what Kansas State did the weekend before. "Blowout" doesn't begin to describe it. Miners head coach Sean Kugler acknowledges every aspect of the Bulldogs' 55-3 win. He also acknowledges that responsibil…
Floyd Alleges Enfield Admits to Tampering with Hamilton
Fight on, Part Two.
A day after my speculation that UTEP head coach Tim Floyd laid into USC's Andy Enfield mostly because of what Enfield's comments in the Men's Journal did to sully the reputation of his city, his school and Floyd himself, Floyd stated that was exactly the point.
Then …

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