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Top 5 Porn Parodies That Have Ruined My Childhood
I have very fond childhood memories of spending hours watching cartoons and playing video games. I still waste plenty of time on these stress relieving activities but now I have found a whole new world of entertainment that just ruined some of my happy childhood memories...
Buzz Adams and the KLAQ Morning Show Broadcast From Fabens
Happy April Fool's Day! Buzz Adams and Fernando Cuevas are taking the show on the road to my hometown hangout spot, Flicks Pizza in Fabens, TX. Buzz made the announcement Monday that the show would be leaving El Paso and technically, it is. For one day only, the show will broadcast from Fabens and y…
El Paso Police Brutality?
This was sent to us by a listener. According to what he told us, this happened on Thursday.  These guys had permission to do “graffiti art” on this wall. The police showed up and…this happened.

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