Watch This Guy Put TV Mediums to Shame [Video]
If you've ever watched TV shows like 'Long Island Medium,' you've seen the stunned looks on people's faces when the psychics start to get positive "hits." The guy in the video above amazes strangers with specific information, but there's one catch: he&…
My Top 5 Girls Twerking On Instagram Videos
Twerking is one of my favorite things because I like big butts and I can not lie. I seriously spend countless hours a day looking at videos of girls twerking. It is the best dance ever invented. A girl moves her hips up and down casuing her butt to wobble and shake. Instagram is the best place to fi…
Street Fest Photos and Video
Check out the buzz around El Paso Street Fest with these photos and tweets. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #EPStreetFest. Check out all our Vine videos here and tweets from the KISS-FM and KLAQ teams during the festival below!

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