Moving Sucks! Teresa’s Moving Nightmare
After three months of marriage, I am finally out of my house.  And I have to say, moving sucks! 
I truly believed I would live there forever and someone else would have to worry about getting rid of all my stuff after I died.  WRONG...
Ebay Crazy!!!
Ok so I am preparing to move into a new home this fall and have been aquiring stuff from E bayfor the new crib. Got some retro tablelamps and one of them needed to be rewired. Had to push a lot of wire through a long skinny tube. In the end I had to stop and rethink my theory on big thing and small …
Man Discovers His House Was Stolen
A lot of people are losing their homes in this economy, but one Canadian man actually lost his home.
A man outside of Toronto called police after he had returned to his mobile home to find it had disappeared.