hiney of the week

Monster’s Hiney Of The Week Is Back! [Photo]
After a couple of weeks of hiatus, Monster's Hiney of the Week is back! And here's the best part...THONG SHOTS ARE NOW ALLOWED! SEND THEM IN! Read the whole story to see the uncensored version of this HOT picture.
Hiney’s Hiney Of The Week Loves Beer And KLAQ! [Pic]
Thanks to all who participated in the Hiney’s ‘Hiney’ of the Week! Ladies, you can submit your Hiney pic to Rick@klaq.com. (In short shorts, tight pants, spandex, or boy shorts!)
You MUST be 18 or older to enter!
Every Friday night, I will choose a winner and they will receive FREE lunch or dinner at …
Hiney’s “Hiney” Of The Week! [Pic]
OK, FREAKS! We already have the Local Boobs of the Day, but I myself, am a HINEY man! So, I am looking for the Hiney's 'Hiney' of the Week! Send a pic of YOUR HINEY in short shorts, tight pants, spandex, bikini bottoms or boy shorts to Rick@Klaq.com