haunted house

KLAQ’s Haunted House, The Maze of Madness, presented by Metro PCS.
Starting October 13th, take your chance at getting through the Maze of Madness. There’s only one way to enter, and three creepy, spine-tingling ways out.
Where: 1323 Lee Trevino, El Paso, Texas
When: October 13th – November 1st daily
10 Signs the KLAQ Haunted House May Not Be So Great This Year
NO, WAIT! I'm not saying our Haunted House isn't great. It is extremely great and at a reasonable price and you should totally go. It's open every night at 1323 Lee Trevino.
What I meant was, here are some signs you would see if our Haunted House wasn't living up to it's usual high, terrifying standa…

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