Look, a NOPE-Worm!
Last night, I came across this disturbing, yet mesmerizing video of a worm like monster spitting out some weird vein thing and begins to suck on a hand. It's so wrong, yet people are so curious to find out what is this evil thing?
Some people dream of making out with Madonna. For being a sex symbol, you would think most people would be excited to kiss this icon, but Drake looked like he just threw up in his mouth. I just want to cradle him and let him know everything we be okay.
If This Doesn't Make You Sick...
For some men who participated in No Shave November, you might have found relief in shaving your beard.  Now, this guy not only removed his beard, but found what probably could be the world's longest and most disturbing ingrown hair, ever!
25-Year-Old Blackhead Is Finally Removed
Most people have had to deal with a pimple and it usually takes them a day or two to get rid of it. Well this one lady decided to keep one of her blackheads for 25 years like a pet. I'm not sure if I am more disturbed by how they take out the pimple or that it is older than me.
Worst Case Of Hoarding Ever!
I have seen my share of dirty houses but this episode of Hoaders on A&E is by far one of the worst. I feel so bad for her neighbors. Now being in the medical field I have a strong stomach but this clip seriously gave me "morning sickness". I like her explanation of dirty water jugs.

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