Bootleg Fireworks Fail
Check out this very unsafe for work video and find out why shooting off bootleg fireworks in the middle of a neighborhood street is ill-advised.
Will Fireworks Be Legal in El Paso This Year?
El Paso has always relied on the Keetch-Byram Drought Index to decide whether or not to allow fireworks. A rating over 575 is grounds to declare aerial fireworks illegal and, so far, we haven't hit that mark.
Firework Factory In Columbia Explodes, Sends Cameraman Flying
A firework factory in Columbia exploded last weekend. The eruption caused damaged to 17 houses, stopped traffic, destroyed five building that housed gun powder, and injured two people. Oh yeah, and caused a cameraman to fly.
The cameraman who caught the eruption was knocked down by the blast, and for…
Fireworks in El Paso
Popping fireworks in the city limits of El Paso might be illegal, but that doesn't mean you can't see fireworks this 4th of July.
Dogs Vs Fireworks: Who Ya Got? [Video]
Fireworks and dogs usually don't go well together. Normally dogs freak out with all the noise that comes along with fireworks.
Well check out this video that features dogs not afraid of fireworks and often times terrorizing their owners in the process.

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