Boston Yeti Takes Over Twitter
Massachusetts is under a travel ban since Monday, due to the massive blizzard causing residents to stay indoors and binge watch shows on Netflix. Now that the roads are empty, a Yeti has been taking to the streets of Boston. That travel ban doesn't apply to Yetis.
Are Up-Skirt Photos Free Speech?
Michael Robertson is suing for the right to take upskirt shots of women on the subway. Should we hail this guy as a hero? He was arrested back in August 2010 in Boston. His lawyers argued, 'If a clothed person reveals a body part whether it was intentional or unintentional, he or she can not ex…
World’s Greatest…Dad? Nope. Red Sox Fan? Meh.
A guy proved what a big Red Sox fan he is and what a horrible dad he is at the same time. His young son said he loves the Yankees, not the Red Sox, and his dad gave him a really hard time about it and made him CRY. Then eventually the dad said, "You're gonna have to find a new place to…