The Bachelor
I'm reading this morning that Brad and his chosen one, Emily, have already broken up.  I have to say that after watching "After the Final Rose" last night, I am not surprised.   If it's true, I'm really mad he didn't choose Chantal.  Chantal was ready to marry Brad on the spot if he propos…
The Bachelor
My Super Bowl is on tonight!  I cannot wait to find out who Brad chooses to be his wife.   Here's a bit of  "The Women Tell All"  featuring Ashley H.
Glad he didn't pick her!
The Bachelor And Housewives Crap
We are almost to the end of The Bachelor, Brad will make his decision next Monday.  Last night was The Women Tell All episode where all the women come back and bash each other and Brad.  I was glad to see Mememichelle on the other end of the bashing for a change...
Reality World
I have come to the conclusion that The Bachelor is going to drive me crazy!  Last night's episode had my head spinning!  Last time Brad was the Bachelor he couldn't commit.  This time, it seems he's committing to every girl!  I honestly cannot seem to figure out wh…